Why Does My E-liquid Not Taste Good?

If you have experienced an unpleasant e-juice taste, this blog will help you in this regard. There is a detailed explanation of some causes of unsatisfactory e-liquid taste with some expert suggestions for beginners or switchers.

Interpretation Of E-Liquid:

The fluid within the vape tank is known as vape liquid or e-liquid. It is the mingling of different components, named PG, VG, nicotine, and flavours. Their suitable strengths play a vital role in making your vaping session delightful. Therefore, for a satisfactory vaping experience, selecting the eliquid of premium brands like Elf Bar, Just Juice, and several others is suggested.

Reasons For The Unpleasant Taste Of E-Liquid:

Although many vape juice brands like Elf Bar vape UK juice have launched many mouth-watering flavours. However, due to some reasons, you might have an undesirable e-liquid taste; this blog will present these reasons in detail, such as overheated atomiser, wrong flavour selection, and others.

Overheated Or Burned Coil:

One of the pre-eminent reasons for an unsatisfactory vaping experience is the burning of the coil, which might be due to the wrong coil priming. Therefore, proper coil priming is essential to enjoy varied vape liquidflavours. Moreover, vaping at too high a wattage might affect the coil efficacy by the burning atomiser and ruins the cotton wick; for this concern, it is advised to vape at low wattage and replace the coil timely.

Uncleaned Atomiser:

Dirty atomisers are among the most common reasons for unpleasant e-juice taste. An uncleaned atomiser is due to the often use of sweet vape liquid flavours. If you are desired to explore a varied sweet range of flavours, there might be a consequence of dirty atomiser. Sweet flavours have sucralose, which sticks with an atomiser and forms a layer and gives you an unpleasant e-juice flavour.

Wrong Flavour Selection:

Although there is a wide variety of flavours of premium eliquid brands, like Elf Bar, Just Juice, Nasty Juice, etc., for instance, the Elf Bar vape liquidproduces top-notch e-juices flavours like Supermint, Blueberry, Cotton Candy, and several others. However, among varied choices, there might be a wrong selection of flavours.

Improper Steeping:

Improper eliquid indicates the situation in which the prior flavour does not evaporate completely and then mixes with the next e-juice flavour, it might cause an unpleasant taste of vape liquid. However, it is due to inappropriate steeping; it is a procedure in which e-liquid flavours begin to form a cohesive whole. This process is used to improve flavours by homogenising e-juice ingredients.

Expert Recommendations:

Above-discussed are some causes of unpleasant eliquid taste while vaping. Therefore, this blog also facilitates you by giving some expert suggestions to avoid these consequences.

  • Prime The Coil Accurately: To prevent undesired e-juice flavours, appropriately prime the atomiser. This might avert the coil from overheating, which affect your whole vaping experience.
  • Avoid Too Sugary Flavours: It is highly recommended not to use sweet vape liquid flavours too often to prevent inaccurate coil working.
  • Pick Required Flavours: As flavours make your vaping session enjoyable, it is suggested to choose the e-juice flavours according to your preference.
  • Appropriate E-Liquid Steeping: One of the most crucial methods is steeping, which improves the e-juice flavours.

Closing Lines:

To wind up the discussion, it is stated that vape liquid plays an important role in the delightful vaping experience. However, the above-discussed are some reasons behind the unpleasant taste of e-liquid.

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