Pet bedding needs the same care with our bedsheets. Pets carry around debris and unnoticeable bacteria from the outside to the inside; and they bring it to any room, including into their beds. Hence, pet beds become easily smelly and host all sorts of harmful bacteria.

If your pet bedding has become annoyingly smelly and dirty, it is time to give it a wash at the laundry Clinton hill. However, if your pet bedding needs some serious and urgent wash because of urine or poop stain, then this guide is for you.

Learn how to wash pet bedding properly and give your pet a comfortable space to rest. 

Pretreat urine or poop stain.

You have to attend to the stain immediately as soon as you notice it. Most pet bedding that have poop or urine stain or those with pup. You have to potty train them to ensure it does not leave any disturbances on their bedding again.

There are pet-friendly stain removers available. But, if you want to use the natural one, use white vinegar and let it soak for 10 minutes. Wash and rinse the bedding thoroughly to ensure it will not have any foul odor.

Remove any fur.

If you do not have to deal with stains, this is the first step on washing pet bedding.

Pet bedding and blankets are not only full of bacteria but also fur. You have to remove any fur and shake off any excess outdoors. If you overlook this step, you will have a hard time removing the furs. What is even more annoying is when the furs are wet and crumpled which make it harder to remove. 

Hence, use a vacuum or lint roller to efficiently remove any fur.

Wash bedding and blankets.

It is time to place the pet bedding and blankets in the washer. Wash these linens from any other laundry. If you need to wash your clothes yet you have to attend to the bedding and blanket urgently, delegate your clothes to laundry delivery. 

Use only pet safe detergent or pet shampoo to the wash load. You can add natural odor-killers and natural fabric softeners like distilled white vinegar. Do not use any commercial fabric softeners as it might have harsh chemicals that may irritate your pet’s skin. 

If your washer is not big enough to accommodate the bedding, it is best to wash it in the bath. Ensure to disinfect and clean the washer or bathtub to ensure no furs or fleas are left on its surfaces.

Air dry bedding.

It is better to air dry the pet bedding than using the tumble dryer. Dryers can be harsh on some fabric materials. Hence, drying the bedding under the sun is not only a safety option but also an eco-friendly option.

Final Takeaway

The easiest way to ensure that the pet bedding stays clean is by washing it regularly. Dog beds have to be washed once a week or once every two weeks to maintain safety and optimum health of your pet, without jeopardizing the cleanliness of your home. 

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