You’d never know someone owned a sex doll unless they told you. Statistically speaking, however, they’ll probably never tell you! While sex dolls have made a lot of progress from the blow up sex dolls of the past, even the owners of the modern silicone sex toys are unlikely to bring up these great conversation pieces simply for fear of ridicule.

However, when you think about it, pretty much everyone masturbates, so why exactly are these specific toys viewed with such a negative connotation? In this article, we aim to find out!

Everyone Masturbates

Despite this fact, masturbation is one of the few things that we rarely talk about, and especially not in public. What’s interesting is how differently male masturbation is viewed as opposed to female masturbation.

This has a lot to do historically with the women’s rights movement, where dildos and female masturbation were used as a way to help reclaim female power and influence against the patriarchy.

Using female masturbation as a symbol of empowerment helped immensely with the public’s perception of female masturbation: as such, no one will bat an eye when a woman talks about a new dildo or vibrator.

This definitely isn’t a bad thing (after all, it shows progress has been made), but men never had or needed this sexual revolution. As such, male masturbation was never turned into a positive action, and still remains the butt of many jokes. So, why exactly is that relevant? Well…

Funny Figures

Beyond the fact that male masturbation isn’t generally viewed in a positive light, the sex dolls of past days were generally pretty funny-looking figures. Realistic silicone and TPE sex dolls hadn’t been invented yet, which meant all that men had available to them were blow up sex dolls.

While effective at their intended purpose, their visual appearance left a lot to be desired and made them the perfect scapegoat for male masturbation. The reason no one talks about sex dolls in a positive light is that everyone is thinking of blow up sex dolls!

Modern Sex Dolls

Modern sex dolls have their own set of issues, but they’re pretty much the opposite: these dolls are hyper-realistic, extremely expensive, and tend to creep people out. Unlike their comical predecessors, these dolls can easily be mistaken for real people.

While that might be great for someone who’s trying to take their masturbation game to the next level, it’s not ideal for someone who’s interested in trying out a sex doll, since the idea of spending thousands of dollars on an object they may not even enjoy is idiotic. This is where blow up sex dolls serve a purpose in modern society!

True, they may not have the visual appeal of more modern dolls, but if you’re a man who struggles—or simply isn’t interested in — getting girls then a blow up doll might be a purchase worth considering.

Trying Your Own

Like most sex toys, there are plenty of options online, and not all of them are worth your hard-earned money. Which doll is best really comes down to personal preference, but if you’re just curious about testing the waters, you don’t really want the “best of the best” right from the beginning.

Still, you don’t want the worst purchase possible either, which is why we’ve made this short list of three blow up sex dolls worth trying out that won’t break the bank (but also won’t leave you with blue balls)!

Shy Camilla

At 5’7” tall, Shy Camilla is a sex doll that’s ready to give you the ride of your life! She has all the features you would want in your first sex doll, which includes a set of perky breasts, blonde hair, a vagina, and an anus.

True, she doesn’t look 100% like a real woman, but for less than $200 she has a lot to offer. Along with the doll, you also get an egg vibrator that you can insert into the opening of your choosing for added sexual stimulation.

Miko Love Doll

If you’re not a fan of blondes, why not try a brunette instead!? The Miko Love Doll isn’t quite as tall as Shy Camilla (measuring in at a mere 5’2” tall), but that doesn’t mean she’s any worse in bed. In fact, we think she actually looks better since her proportions are a bit more realistic & even her genitals have extra details added!

She’s also about $30 cheaper than Camilla (if price was a concern), but gives you a mouth to fill in addition to her two lower holes. Easy to clean and ready to go, the Miko Love Doll is the perfect doll for your first time!

Gladiator Inflatable Doll

Not everyone is interested in getting with a female, so whether you’re a gay man or a woman curious about inflatable sex dolls, the Gladiator Inflatable Doll is sure to satisfy your curiosities! Like the two dolls above, this doll still has an anus you can penetrate, but he also comes with one major difference: a 7-inch dildo popping out from his pubes!

This means that not only can you ride the Gladiator, but he can ride you as well, so the pleasure can go both ways. Mr. Gladiator also has a vibrating tongue (the dildo can also vibrate), but you’ll need to provide him with three AAA batteries before he’ll go down on your pleasure palace. Still, he’ll never complain or finish too fast, so why not give the Gladiator a try? After all, he’s here to please!

The Harsh Reality

Unfortunately, we think it’s pretty likely that your friends won’t be as pumped up about your new sex doll as we are. Still, why should you care? Masturbation isn’t a public event, so what you do in the privacy of your own room isn’t really anyone else’s concern.

If you want to read reviews about sex toys, then go to BedBible who offer a lot of different reviews for every taste. We completely get it if you don’t want to parade your new doll around, but don’t let other people dissuade you from buying a doll.

The best part about living in 2022? Discreet shipping! Simply pick out which doll you’d like, place your order, and wait for the box to show up. No one will know the difference, but your solo sessions are sure to be orgasmic from now on. Happy shopping!

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