The Regenerative Treatments That Can Help to Remedy Joint Pain Effectively

People with achy and stiff joints will find it challenging to work. It will affect your elbows, knees, hips, or shoulders. Chronic pain is never pleasant and is always debilitating. Also, when the conservative treatments don’t get you ample relief, and you don’t want to choose surgery, the only solution is regenerative medicine.

Today, several medical institutes have specialized in regenerative medicine. The process helps to enhance the body’s capacity for healing itself. It also provides practical ways in which you can get rid of the joint pain. To know more about it, you can check out Tucson Pain control clinic.

Some of the popular regenerative treatments for joint pain are:

1. The stem cell therapy

It is one of the popular regenerative medicines and has also been gaining prominence. It is because the doctors have used it to treat the joint and tissue damage. According to a study, osteoarthritis patients who opted in for this have witnessed tremendous benefits.

The reason for which it works very well is that it includes stem cells that have the remarkable capacity for morphing into any cell which is located close by. The patients that have weakened ligaments and cartilage in the joints can find stem cells injected into the shoulders and knees and has the capacity to regenerate and transform the tissues.

2. The platelet-rich plasma

An increasing number of people who has knee osteoarthritis are saying yes to platelet-rich plasma for treating joint pain. Even though it got used for over three decades for treating tendinosis, it has gained ample popularity since the starting of this century for the efficacy and arthritis treatment.

Here the doctors will take a minute sample of the blood from the arm. It is very similar to the regular blood draw in the lab. Once the blood gets drawn, it is placed inside the centrifuge, which rotates it at a great speed to separate the platelets from various other components in the blood, such as the white and red blood cells. The moment it is ready, it gets injected to the concentrated solution to the painful joint.

All these platelets can secrete the grown factor, which enhances the cell division and prompts the tissues to regenerate and speed up the healing process. According to studies done about PRP for knee osteoarthritis, it has been observed that the treatment can stop the disease from progressing and brings down the joint pain.

3. The prolotherapy

It is one more regenerative medicine that includes injection and doesn’t need any blood draw or stem cell harvesting. The prolotherapy is based on the premise that the body will naturally send the resources to any site that requires healing. Hence, during this process, the doctors inject a secure glucose solution inside the joint, which will act as an irritant and stimulate the healing and defense mechanism of the body. This injection usually has no steroids and drugs. However, the doctors can sometimes use lidocaine to numb the area and ensure that you stay comfortable during the process.

People suffering from stiff joints and knees can choose from any of these regenerative medicines and reap the advantages.

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