Do You Wonder If Ordering Bulk Socks Is a Good Idea?

There’s no doubt that socks form a critical part of any wardrobe – men, women, boys, girls, and kids. People need them to keep themselves pleasantly warm in the fall and winter seasons. But that doesn’t mean these don’t have any utility in other seasons. They can add to the look of any outfit when paired well based on the fashion goal.

Whether someone wants to create a classic, funky, or sporty look, there’s a sock to achieve this. And don’t forget, many individuals wear their socks, don’t just with shoes – they also like to wear one with sandals, flip flops, etc. Hence, introducing this option to your e-commerce inventory can be a good idea.

You may have thought you must buy an expensive brand or manufacture this item yourself. But you will be happy to discover that companies are ready to fulfill large order sizes based on your specifications. However, you will have to figure out a few things.

For example – what is the minimum order quantity? Every vendor can have some minimum requirements. Get a fair idea about it to avoid any confusion. Some sock manufacturing companies go the extra mile to keep things clear from their end.

Suppose a place offers options in athletic socks, woven cotton socks, sublimation socks, and bamboo socks. They can mention the minimum order that one can place with them.

If they tell you that bamboo socks have to be 200 pairs or sublimation socks 50, adhere to that, and don’t forget to confirm the shipping charges. Generally, bulk orders don’t attract shipping costs unless you request faster delivery than the normal process.

Exploring the existing sock varieties

Before placing an order, you may need to decide what type of sock will serve your purpose or customers best. If you choose sublimation crew variety, you need to know the material used in its making. These socks can be polyester and spandex blended with elastic.

The breathable sock design helps keep the wearer’s feet dry even during intense workouts. Their moisture-wicking quality can be a considerable strength. Likewise, bamboo socks can be another attractive option for their unique style and performance.

Since these contain bamboo fibers, discernible customers can lean toward them over synthetic materials. And environmentally conscious individuals can be much more supportive of this variation for its biodegradability.

Asking for more options

Some companies can be willing to put extra effort into the bulk order. Still, it is good to know what other options they can offer apart from the standard choices. For example, some may make baby socks also. So, if you run an online store focused on this segment, it can indeed be a valuable addition to your stock. Since vendors can speed up some deliveries for a small shipping cost, you may try that too.

Socks come in handy in multiple scenarios, making them one of the much-needed pieces of an ensemble. From office wear to school uniforms to sports, they are prevalent almost everywhere. Hence, you can benefit by adding this item to your online store.

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