Off-Road Adventures: Upgrading Your Jeep Wrangler

With warmer weather coming your way, you are probably itching to take your Jeep Wrangler on some adventures. If your Jeep is outfitted for city driving, it is time for some upgrades so it can handle off-roading. All terrain tires are a good start, and there are various other parts and accessories that will enhance your ride, protect your vehicle, and increase your fun.

Add Additional Protection

When considering which Jeep Wrangler parts you should upgrade to, consider the year and condition of your Jeep. If you have had it for years and it is already pretty beaten up, you may not want to spend a lot of money to protect how it looks. However, if it is newer and looks fairly pristine, one upgrade to consider is exterior protection, as you can encounter a lot of things when going off-road.

Protecting the undercarriage is important, as traversing over rocks, boulders, brush, and other obstacles can harm essential components of your vehicle. Undercarriage armor consists of skid plates and differential covers. You may also want to apply additional undercoating to protect against rust, especially if you live in snowy or coastal regions.

You may want to consider installing a lift kit. This increases your Jeep’s ground clearance and improves suspension. Bumpers also help protect your Jeep in the event you get into minor accidents or get too close to trees or large rocks.

For the protection of you and the vehicle’s passengers, sway bars and their components are good options. These increase stability and safety, helping to prevent rollovers and body rolls.

Choose the Right Tires

Upgrading the tires is one of the most common things Jeep owners do when they plan to take it off road. With various tire and wheel packages available, it is easy to find what you need. Off-road and all-terrain tires offer the necessary grip and traction you need to drive over a wide variety of terrain, such as dirt, gravel, and mud. You should also inspect the tires before every trip and make sure there is nothing stuck in them or there are no leaks.

Get Out of a Jam

If you do not care to get stuck in an unwanted situation, one upgrade to consider is a winch. A winch is affordable, and it saves you from having to call for other help. A winch kit can help you get out of mud or another sticky situation. You can use it to get large obstacles out of your way. You can also be other people’s hero and help pull them out when they get stuck.

Improve your Visibility

If your off-road adventures mean you will be out there during dusk or in the dark, you may want to upgrade your light situation. Good options include LED and fog lights, as they increase your visibility in various situations.

The specific upgrades you should add to your Jeep Wrangler vary depending on your situation. Whatever you choose will help make your off-roading adventures that much more fun and safer.

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