7 Services You Didn’t Know You Could Outsource

Shifting from a one-man army to a professional team setup is one of the toughest phases in business development. If you are starting a business, it is important that you should know there are services that can easily outsource some of these important business services.

Following is a list of the seven least-known business services that you can easily outsource and enjoy their benefits. This is especially effective for business people owning small to medium-sized businesses.

There are a plethora of agencies that provide these services, and Certum is one such agency that you could rely on. Let’s dive into the list of these services and find out which all can help your business grow:

Helpdesk Management

Helpdesk management services deal with the queries of customers and potential clients looking forward to getting information on the services of a particular business.

There are many different types of helpdesk management services that are available in the market. This also falls in customer care management and comes in different categories. Customer care management is either done through messages or on calls.

Helpdesk service providers should be better equipped with the right information and relevant concerns on the target niche of a particular business. Moreover, the helpdesk professionals also deal with the management of buying and selling tickets. This way, they can directly improve your sales and, eventually, your revenue as well.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are the ones that deal with the management of cloud files, their organization, uploads and downloads related to them, and even the integration of cloud services. Word and office are also integrated with the cloud, and the relevant updates are made by the managers of the cloud services.

Back-up and recovery services are also included in this category of services. The services of cloud managers will help you secure your data and recover it in case of accidental loss.

Cloud management is extremely important when it comes to managing the archives of any company. Adding, removing, and editing the company’s archives also fall under the responsibilities of the company.

Digital Security

The virtual security of a business is best dealt with by an IT expert. Virtual security has to deal with all the login credentials. Securing the folders and changing the admin settings in accordance with security guidelines is one of the most important things that the security providers have to cater to.

Businesses that deal with the personal data of their users, like email addresses, should avail of such services because the chances of data theft are higher in that domain. The privacy and protection of the users’ information should be the top priority for most people.

The data backup and recovery has to be a complicated process especially when you are dealing with an organization that has a large database. Similarly, the recovery of the data is also very important in case there is any loss of data of the organization. You can restore any data for your organization at any time from anywhere around the globe.

Mobile Management

Mobile management is peaking in recent times with the advent of more and more digital platforms. The number of the management team that is dedicated to do a specific card is relatively lower compared to the on-site team.

You will just have to connect with your remote general manager in order to do a particular task. The general manager will then in turn instruct the whole team about how to do particular tasks. This will save you from the trouble of managing the whole team by yourself.

You can choose various software or applications to control your team from a distance. There are some reliable mobile device applications that make your office just a click away. You will have to log into these applications or software with your credentials that will be given to you by the IT support companies.

Email Services

Another service that you can get for your business is the email service. Email marketing is a field that deals with the marketing of products or services of a business via email marketing. The email services of a business are used to sell the services via subliminal marketing.

When you outsource this form of marketing, you do not have to cater to the content writing or any other form of hassle. You will get everything done and shared with your clients or potential clients by the agency you will hire.

Your business can exponentially grow using email marketing as it can help you maintain your lead. The number of emails sent per day by the company depends on the package you choose.

Book-keeping and Finance Management

Finance and accounts is one of the most hectic departments to manage in any office. These services can also be used by many service providers in order to manage the accounts of their clients on a monthly basis.

If you want your small business to grow within a short span of time, go with outsourcing book-keeping and finance management services. There are a variety of services that fall in the category of book-keeping. The book keeping services are usually approached by business owners who deal with a number of remote employees and freelancers because creating salary slips for such business people can be very time-consuming.

HR and Recruitments

HR and recruitment service is one of the most commonly outsourced services in any business. They deal with talent acquisition, which is a hectic part, resource management, payroll management of employees and many more things.

They also deal with the shared-services of different departments in a business, their formal interactions etc. Moreover, the providers of these services are also responsible for the formation of different policies for the workers. Health related policies, leave policies, company guidelines, code of conduct and job descriptions on various levels are largely defined by such service providers.

However, the service providers of these services work in close association with the resources of the company. That is exactly why you should always choose a trustworthy service provider to outsource your HR and recruitment work.

If you outsource more, you will have more time to focus on formulating the goal and future plans of your work.

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