Advantages of Using Ice Vending Services for Your Business

Vending machines offer a fantastic opportunity to generate extra income. Additionally, they can foster customer loyalty to your brand.

An ice machine can save customers time by eliminating the need to travel to a nearby store for bagged ice. It can be convenient for places that don’t have room for a whole convenience store.


Ice vending machines are an excellent point-of-need solution. They offer the ability to buy ice 24/7, without needing to walk in and pay for it – which can often take longer than people are willing to spend.

Vending machine technology has improved over the years, with machines becoming smaller and more cost-effective to own and operate. Dyson said that ice vending is now possible in locations where space and power constraints wouldn’t allow for a full-sized convenience store.

Another benefit of ice vending is that it eliminates the need to track inventory and monitor restocking. The ice is made on-site, as needed, so there are no stocking issues or slow-moving inventory to worry about. Plus, most ice vending machines have user-friendly remote management software that simplifies tracking sales and maintenance.


Vended ice helps prevent the spread of germs in your workplace. Different people must handle bagged ice from the factory to the consumer, which can be contaminated during transport or storage. With vented ice, the only person touching the ice is the customer buying it, so there’s less risk of contamination and disease.

Vending machines also help employees stay healthy and hydrated. Studies show that drinking daily water can boost energy levels and productivity. In addition, vending machines offer various healthy snack options to encourage hydration and maintain health. Managing sales, creating unique employee accounts, and tracking rewards from the Twice the Ice app is easy. This reduces the need for paper receipts and expense reports, making it a more efficient process.


Ice vending services are an excellent solution for businesses that sell food and drinks. Vending machines are available day and night and eliminate the need for someone to unlock a bin during peak times when ice is most in demand. This helps to reduce spoilage and theft.

Small format ice vending machines that can also dispense water offer a more compact footprint, perfect for locations with limited space. These models also allow you to create a dual revenue stream from one machine.

Carwash operators are uniquely positioned to leverage these high-tech, eye-catching ice vendors. They have the space to house them and an existing customer base seeking this additional convenience. These machines are available 24/7 and can be paired with a rewards program to drive traffic to the site.


Convenience store owners face a lot of fast-moving inventory that can become expensive if not carefully monitored. Vended ice eliminates inventory costs by creating and dispensing ice on demand.

Dyson also noted that ice vending machines help increase traffic to convenience stores, which is good for the overall business. Customers who stop in for ice will likely purchase other items from the store.

Ice vending machines also help eliminate theft in ice bunkers, where people often take multiple bags of ice without paying for them. Each person pays for what they want with a machine, eliminating theft and dissatisfying customers as lines build up. Many ice machines also offer bulk ice that allows customers to fill their cooler, container or ice chest.


Vended ice is made and dispensed on-demand, meaning no more worrying about ice being lost during the sweltering summer heat. With bagged ice, there’s the risk of quality issues during transport and storage. The bags may also tear.

Little notes that vending machine operators also don’t have to worry about keeping track of fast-moving inventory. The machines can be monitored remotely, and owners can set up machine alerts to notify them when maintenance is needed.

Ice vending can bring additional customers to your store and boost sales for other goods and services. With the right location and financing options, a vented ice business can deliver big profits for your company.

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