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Minimalist Engagement Rings – Why Open Plain Band Engagement Rings Are Perfect for Minimalist Brides

There’s a common misconception that minimalist engagement rings are boring or plain. However, they can be spectacularly gorgeous with a clean aesthetic that spotlights your chosen center stone(s).

One of the most popular options is an open plain band that allows the engagement ring to rest between the gaps. This helps to create a flush-fit look that is comfortable and protects the ring.

They’re Versatile

Less is more in minimalist engagement rings, which are gorgeous for anyone who wants a clean, simple look. These designs feature minimal metal details, ensuring that all attention is on the sparkling center diamond or gemstone. They also look beautiful when paired with a classic wedding band, creating a timeless bridal set that will stand the test of time.

While minimalist engagement rings typically come in solitaire styles, there are other options for brides who want to add a bit of flair or personality to their call. For example, you can choose a ring with step-cut side stones slightly larger than your diamond’s traditional round or emerald cut. Or, you can find a unique amount like marquise to make your minimalist engagement ring one-of-a-kind truly.

Similarly, you can customize your ring by adding pave or diamond-encrusted bands. These added accents add to your ring’s radiance and sparkle without overwhelming the simplicity of your open wedding band engagement ring.

Whether you’re interested in finding a wedding band to match your minimalist engagement ring or want to explore your options, start by contacting your local jeweler and booking an appointment with a gemologist or jewelry expert. This will allow you to speak with an expert and see their selection of rings before making your final decision.

They’re Comfortable

A minimalist engagement ring set lets you showcase your beautiful center stone without interference or a feeling of busyness. The clean design of an open plain band also makes it a comfortable option for everyday wear, especially if you’re always on the go or tend to be rough on your jewelry.

For added comfort, consider a curved wedding band that matches the curvature of your engagement ring. These bands add a touch of sparkle with smooth, sleek bands that perfectly complement round-cut solitaire diamonds. And if you want to add even more shimmer, look for a minimalist diamond band that features partially or fully encircling stones for a chic, elegant look.

If you prefer a more traditional, close-stacked look, choose a plain gold band that matches the width and thickness of your engagement ring. This will ensure a snug fit for your two rounds, which prevents them from spinning or catching on each other during daily activities.

Many brides also like mixing and matching their wedding bands with other ring stacks, such as a stack of three or more rings. While this may be too trendy for some, the options for creating unique and eye-catching combinations are endless. Plus, it means you can wear your ring and stacks with the style that best suits your mood for the day!

They’re Affordable

Adding a wedding band to your engagement ring is an easy way to create a more traditional ring stack, and it’s also a great way to add even more sparkle to your hand. However, some brides prefer the simplicity of a single, slim engagement ring. This style is often more affordable and can look beautiful, especially when paired with an accent stone or pave wedding band.

Thinner rings are usually less expensive than thicker bands because they don’t require as much metal. However, more delicate rings may show more wear and tear over time, or they might struggle to hold the weight of larger stones. Thin bands, such as a channel setting, can also make design features more difficult to achieve since they have limited space and surface area.

If you’re looking for a simple band that will pair well with your low-profile engagement ring, considers a curved (contoured) or open-end wedding band. These styles will allow your crew to sit more flush with the engagement ring and provide more of a visual buffer for your stone. Alternatively, you could opt for a sleek matte band that adds a touch of personality without overwhelming your engagement ring’s unique shape or design.

They’re Versatile

If you’re a bride-to-be with an engagement ring with intricate detail or a unique shape, you might be worried about finding a wedding band that fits it well. But rest assured, there are plenty of options that can beautifully complement your ring set!

One option is a curved or contoured wedding band, which fits around the shank of your engagement ring to create a unified look. However, if you prefer a closely stacked look for your ring set, it’s usually best to find a straight wedding band that matches the same width and thickness as the shank of your engagement ring to ensure they sit flush together.

Another option is an open wedding band, which doesn’t close completely and leaves a small gap in the middle. This can be an excellent choice for those with low-set engagement rings, as it helps the wedding band fit seamlessly against the ring without creating a gap or leaving space for dirt and debris to build up underneath your diamonds.

This style is also great for those who love the look of a baguette wedding eternity band like the one Khloe Kardashian rocked during her pregnancy! If you’re curious about this trend, we recommend asking your jeweler about their sizes and playing around with them in-store to see what looks best.

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