What Are the Uses of a Drive Gear Pump?

A drive gear pump is an external gear pump powered by an engine. This pump is used to provide power to remote areas. Some of its uses include high-pressure discharge and self-priming. It is also used in the automotive industry. Its benefits include ease of installation and maintenance. These pumps are available in various types, such as gear pumps, piston pumps, and rotary pumps. You can learn more about these pumps by reading below.

High-pressure Discharge

Drive gear pumps have a variety of applications. These pumps can deliver high-pressure fluids at high volumes. For example, the liquiflo mag drive gear pump works by allowing liquid to enter the inlet port, flow into the gear’s teeth and discharge through an outlet port. The pressure inside the pump depends on the gear teeth’ size and the gears’ speed.

A drive gear pump is usually designed for relatively thick liquids and oils. It should only be used with clean, non-abrasive liquids, however. Solids in the liquid can lead to rapid wear and reduce pump life. The fluid’s viscosity is also essential, as low-viscosity fluids may cause the fluid to leak backward and reduce the pump’s flow.


A self-priming drive gear pump is a type of pump that automatically primes itself. They are used in sewage systems and purification plants. The self-priming design helps to eliminate any possibility of leaks and health hazards. In addition, these pumps are typically equipped with a foot valve to regulate the suction. They also have a static seal to prevent leaks and are available in heavy-duty and extreme-duty models.

The pump can also be equipped with a secondary pump or a non-return valve to stop fluid from draining from the suction line. However, these methods require additional processes, piping, and equipment. Another advantage of a self-priming drive gear pump is its ability to evacuate air at startup.

High-viscosity Liquids

Drive gear pumps are typically used in applications requiring high-viscosity liquids. The fluid’s viscosity determines how much slippage occurs. Thinner fluids are less likely to slip than thicker ones and require less clearance. However, this can result in a reduction in flow and less forward movement. This is why proper pump sizing and clearances are essential to achieve optimum performance.

Drive gear pumps rotate the driven gear opposite the power gear. This creates a partial vacuum on the suction side of the pump. The fluid then passes between the gears and the housing bore, blocking it from flowing backward.

Automotive Industry

The drive gear pump is a crucial component in a vehicle’s hydraulic system. It draws hydraulic fluid from a reservoir tank and pushes it through a pressurized tube. It operates at a constant speed, maintaining consistent pressure throughout the system. The fluid is then pushed through a set of meshed gears, creating a vacuum behind the gears, which draws more fluid in. This fluid is then used to power various hydraulic devices found in a vehicle. Drive gear pumps are used in various automotive and industrial applications. They are used to pump various types of fluids, such as oil and fuel. 

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