The Importance of Installing Hurricane Impact Windows Before Hurricane Season

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you likely already know the importance of preparing your home for storms. Installing impact windows can help keep your home safe and secure during hurricane season.

Not only will impact windows help protect your family and belongings from storm damage, but they’ll also boost your property’s value. It’s essential to have hurricane-proof windows and doors installed before the tropical storm season begins. Not only will this help protect your home from hurricane-force winds, but it will also improve your home’s resale value. In addition, they can save you money on energy bills!

Protect Your Home

Hurricane-impact windows are one of the quickest and most effective ways to protect your home from hurricane-force winds. They are an investment that will pay off in the long run in preventing storm damage, increasing your home’s value, and reducing your insurance costs.

Unlike shutters, impact windows are installed before the storm hits so you can focus on protecting your family and property from the worst of the hurricane.

In addition to defending your home from hurricane-force winds, hurricane impact windows protect against flooding and moisture that can cause mold. Moreover, they improve insulation and reduce noise pollution. They also help slash energy bills.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Hurricanes-impact windows are a great option to increase your home’s value. They will appeal significantly to your home, making it more desirable for potential buyers.

They are also a smart upgrade for older homes prone to storm damage. They provide additional protection against water intrusion and are a good deterrent for would-be burglars.

They can also help improve your home’s energy efficiency, saving you money on monthly utility bills. Additionally, you may qualify for tax credits when installing them.

Save Money on Energy Bills

Hurricane impact windows are a smart investment for homeowners in tropical and hurricane-prone areas. They can reduce your energy bills by up to 30% and are also a great way to protect your home from the elements.

In addition, installing hurricane-impact windows is a smart investment for homeowners who want to increase their homes’ value. When it comes time to sell your home, a newly-installed hurricane-impact window can boost your home’s value by more than you paid.

Installing hurricane-impact windows is essential to your home’s protection, regardless of where you live. They can prevent storm damage, protect your home from intruders, and save you money on energy bills.

Reduce Noise

When it comes to reducing noise, installing hurricane-impact windows before hurricane season can be an excellent way. It can benefit homeowners in busy neighborhoods or those living near busy intersections and highways where outside noise is always on the rise.

Impact windows work by combining two glass panels that are pressed together with a thin film that holds them in place during a storm. It keeps the window’s frame from shattering, even when the windows take hits from flying debris.

Get the Best Deal

Hurricane impact windows are a must-have for homes and businesses. They can save you money on energy costs, increase the value of your home and help protect your family and property from the damage of a hurricane or tropical storm.

When installing hurricane-impact windows, getting the best deal possible is essential. To do this, you must find a reputable window company that will provide you with a free in-home estimate and warranty information.

Additionally, you’ll want to determine if the company offers PACE Program financing. It is a unique way to finance upgrades that improve your home’s energy efficiency, such as impact windows. This type of financing is typically assessed against your yearly property tax assessment.

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