The Different Types of Tree Services

When it comes to tree service, you’ve probably heard of a few different kinds. These services range from stump grinding to tree trimming and bracing. If you’re confused about the differences, read this article to understand their differences. 

Stump Removal

If you’ve ever had a tree cut down and the stump left behind, you know it’s an eyesore and a tripping hazard. Also, decaying stumps are a magnet for weeds, spreading dangerous diseases. If you’ve ever tried to remove a stump yourself, you know that the task isn’t always as simple as cutting down the tree and removing the stump.

A tree stump can be a thorn in the side of your landscape, and it’s no wonder why most property owners choose to have it removed. Unfortunately, this process involves tearing up your lawn and ripping out the tree’s roots, which can leave you with a hole in your yard. Fortunately, you can hire a professional from tree service Sharonville, OH, to remove the stump and fix the landscape.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps make a great habitat for insects. Carpenter ants, wood bees, and termites love making their homes in rotting tree stumps. Not only do these insects wreak havoc on your property, but they also attract all sorts of unwanted pests. Stump grinding services can help alleviate this problem by removing tree stumps and other debris.

In some cases, you may not need your stump removed. In these situations, it’s possible to use the stump as a table base, plant stand, or yard feature. However, it’s difficult to grind out if the stump is cut near a structure. In addition, the roots may damage underground utilities and foundations. 

Tree Trimming

There are three different types of tree services. Crown cleaning, canopy cleaning, and canopy reduction are part of routine tree maintenance. Crown cleaning involves removing unhealthy branches and limbs, such as those that are too close or have poor attachment points.

Crown thinning involves removing more branches to increase aesthetics and airflow. Crown reduction is often needed when a tree is unable to continue growing up. It consists of the removal of several healthy branches, as well as a few unhealthy ones.

Pruning is a service that homeowners can perform themselves, though a professional will have to perform this procedure on larger trees. Stump removal is also a service that a tree service can provide. Stump removal requires grinding the stump to ground level before removing it. Tree trimming is another service that can improve a landscape and keep dead branches away from power lines. 

Tree Bracing

Adding supplementary structural support to a tree involves using cables or brace rods to hold the crotch. These systems reduce the risk of the tree’s structure failing due to internal decay or poorly attached limbs. Proper installation and inspection is the key to a tree bracing service’s success. Expert arborists should inspect and evaluate the tree before bracing can begin. Tree bracing and climbing inspections should occur at least once a year, every five years, or when a problem arises.

A Board Certified Master Arborist may also perform bracing to add support to split limbs. Using cables and braces reduces the stress on weak branches and can even help prevent trees from splitting. They are most effective when installed at the first signs of a potential split or weak branch. Professional arborists will monitor the cables and hardware to ensure that they are securely fastened and are working correctly.

Tree Removal

The best tree removal services are those that transfer trees to a safe location. This reduces the risk of accidents and damage to property and infrastructure. Tree removal professionals use different types of equipment, including cranes. Cranes are more efficient but also pose a danger of electric shocks. They must also consider the tree’s health when determining the most appropriate method of tree removal. 

There are three basic types of tree services available. Tree removal and trimming are the most common. Emergency tree services are the least common. They may require evacuating your property and shutting off power. Nevertheless, they are necessary for your property’s and your neighbor’s safety. Professional tree services follow best practices for safety. They will rope off the area to be worked on to protect your property and your neighbors. 

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