Different Places That Travel Nurses Work To

Different Places That Travel Nurses Work To

Healthcare institutions use travel nurses to cover short-term nursing positions when understaffed. These skilled professionals work in hospitals and clinics nationwide, ensuring patients receive quality care. Nurses must be flexible and able to adapt to new environments quickly. They must also be comfortable spending time away from family and friends on assignments.


Travel nurses are highly sought after by hospitals as the country struggles with a nursing shortage. They fill staffing gaps, helping maintain quality patient care and addressing unexpected needs.

A nurse can work at any hospital, from a large teaching facility to an underserved rural medical center. Some travel nurses specialize in specific patient care areas, such as the operating room or cardiac cath lab. Others prefer to explore a variety of hospitals and choose assignments that take them around the country or even the world.

A significant benefit of travel nursing is the ability to step in on short notice to help with nurse shortages. That’s why travel nurses must narrow their search to a top travel nurse job location and agencies that contract with healthcare facilities where they want to work. 


A typical travel nurse position is in a healthcare clinic, where nurses treat patients for various conditions and diseases. It is a great way to get experience with different patient populations and expand your nursing skills. Travel nurses also work in community health centers and other private practices.

Whether treating children with asthma or seeing patients for cancer treatment, these settings allow travelers to practice their skills in new locations. As a travel nurse, you’ll meet other nurses from around the country and worldwide. As you move from assignment to assignment, your network grows exponentially, and a robust professional network is essential for career success.

As states enact mandatory nurse-patient ratios, more hospitals need contract nurses. Travel nurses can fill workforce gaps, helping ensure patients receive high-quality care and reducing mortality rates. Plus, you can take assignments in desirable locations that fit your schedule. 

Private Practice

Aside from hospitals, travel nurses work in doctor’s offices and private healthcare facilities. RNs working in private practice often have a multifaceted job that includes triage, administering medications and vaccines, and following up on lab results. Depending on the patient’s needs, the nurse may assist with procedures or refer them to specialists.

Travel nurses are employed by healthcare staffing agencies, which contract with hospital locations to fill short-term nursing jobs temporarily. The agency handles the nurses’ employment, which typically includes highly competitive pay, housing, and travel reimbursement. Nurses typically choose their preferred specialty and location to find an assignment that meets their personal and professional goals.

While traveling nurse assignments are exciting and provide many benefits, nurses must be mindful of burnout. The constant moves can be complicated for nurses who want to spend time with their family and friends, and a few months away from home can cause feelings of homesickness or depression. It’s recommended that nurses work closely with their recruiters to ensure they choose assignments where they can thrive.

Home Health Care

As healthcare facilities nationwide face staffing shortages, they increasingly rely on travel nurses to fill positions and care for patients. The nurses work for healthcare staffing agencies that specialize in placing temporary contractors at hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Generally speaking, the agencies push for safe housing, competitive pay for travel nurses, and fully reimbursed transportation to new assignments. The nurse may take on various roles, depending on the facility’s needs and nursing specialization. Some projects specialize in particular hospital departments or areas, such as labor and delivery, the ER, or the pediatric intensive care unit.

The nurse also might opt to become a float nurse, moving between departments as needed based on staffing requirements. Becoming a travel nurse is a great fit if registered nurses seek excitement and flexibility in their work.

A love of traveling is essential for this profession, as travel nurses frequently relocate to new healthcare facilities within the United States and internationally. The nurses also must be highly adaptable to the varying clinical settings in which they work.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

While working as a travel nurse requires long hours and a willingness to work in new places, it also offers a high-paying job with the ability to choose assignments. It is attractive for RNs who want to avoid the stress of long-term career commitments and burnout.

Travel nurses can fill in for permanent employees on vacation or maternity leave, and they help hospitals address persistent shortages. Mandatory nurse-patient ratios can affect staffing levels, but travel nurses help bridge the gap.

In addition to their nursing skills and experience, travel nurses bring a unique perspective to healthcare. They can help improve patient outcomes by sharing best practices and approaches from their varied backgrounds and geographical locations. They can also improve the lives of their coworkers and patients by demonstrating a dedication to providing top-notch care.

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